A Quiz... Are You a Trail Runner?

By: Blake Wood, Mary Fuka, Skip Eastman, and Tracey Chmielewski

The following quiz "Are you a trail runner?" first appeared in the RRCA Footnotes, Fall 1995.

  1. Which would you prefer to run:

  2. Your condition when you return from your regular run:

  3. Running attire:

  4. Conditions on the run:

  5. Distance:

  6. Timing your runs:

  7. Running vs. work:

  8. Running through hazards:

  9. How long it takes a pair of shoes to lose that "new" look:

  10. Directions:

  11. Run duration:

  12. Weather and your favorite run:

  13. Peeing on the run:

Score Yourself:

(< 5) A true road runner - may your PRs ever decrease.

(5-10) Time to buy a trail pack and head uphill.

(11-15) Good potential - keep trying.

(16-20) Hardcore trail runner.

(21-25) You run with wolves.

(26-30) You're a wolf.

(30>) Sasquatch speaks of you with awe.