Oxygenated Water


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I've done the calculations regarding the newest hype, Super-oxygenated water. Its claim is to have developed a means to increase the amount of oxygen contained in its water by seven fold.

Water at 20 C, (room temperature), contains 0.0043 grams per 100 grams of water. Seven times this value, (assuming that technology has found a means to do so), gives a value about 0.3 grams per Liter of water.

Assuming a breathe of air is 1 liter in volume (certainly more when we are in a state of exercise), and that air is 20.9% molecular oxygen, O2, results in 0.3 grams per 1 liter breathe.

If 1 liter bottle of their product does indeed contain 7 times normal O2, it is still no more than a single breathe of air. A single breathe of air, is still a lot cheaper.

That's the chemistry part. And as mentioned by a previous poster, there is no correlation between O2 in the stomach, and O2 in the lungs or blood stream. And In My Humble Opinion, (non-scientific), this product would not improve performance, and would at best, result in a burp, belch, or fart.

Well, my hope is that the ultra community will "put out the word" against such bunk, and save your friends a few dollars too.


Someone asked about "oxygenated water". Someone else questioned if one could get such a product by the addition of hydrogen peroxide.

I've spent 30 years of my professional career working with dissolved oxygen sensors, and know quite well the physics of oxygen solubility in water under various conditions of temperature and pressure.

The "oxygenated water" claims are a total scam. Their credibility is absolute zero.

Even if you drank water that was supersaturated with oxygen, it would not be provide oxygen to your muscles. The lungs transmit oxygen to the blood; the stomach does not.

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent that would do damage if drunk in any significant amount. Do not ever drink hydrogen peroxide.

I formulate nutritional products for athletes, and I do so on the basis of sound nutritional and biochemical principles. It disgusts me to see how many products hit the market that are scams, or gimmicks. Buyer beware - while there are good formulators, there are also a lot of people who are looking for some gimmick to make a quick buck off athletes who are looking for an edge.