Dry Nose


Experience From - Dina , Rich Schick ,


The Arizona runners must have really tough nasal membranes. Everytime I go down that way I end up with very dry and irritated nasal membranes, sometimes nosebleeds, and usually a sore throat. This time I did the Tucson Marathon, and the air was particularly dry due to lack of rain. The temperature got close to 70, plus there had been a virtual dust storm on Friday. So my nose feels even worse than usual, not to mention cold/flu sypmtoms which may or may not be related.

Do others use vaseline in the nose to prevent this? What do people do in the Death Valley race, tie a damp hankie over the face, which wouldn't stay damp more than a second anyway. I would like to be better prepared in the future, since I go there fairly often to visit my daughter, and this was during the cooler part of the year.

Rich Schick

For people who have such problems in general I recommend dipping a Q-tip in vaseline and swizzling it up the old snot locker. I would be concened about the vaseline trapping too much dust in desert type environments but have no first hand experience to know if this would actually pose a problem.