UltRunR - Catoctin 50k Trail Run

2001 Catoctin 50k Trail Run Results & Race Report


Anstr Davidson expressed it best on the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club (VHTRC) website (http://www.vhtrc.org/):

"On August 11, mid-Atlantic ultrarunners continued their love-hate relationship with the Catoctin 50km Trail Run. It was another great event on the beautiful but rocky Catoctin Trail. Jim Cavanaugh's story was similar to many. He admonished himself in his running log last year, "Don't do this race again." He was there. How quickly we forget! To add to the joy of the rocks, the humidity was about 4000 percent. The cooling rain, the camaraderie, and the post event refreshments made it all worth it."

105 runners gathered in Frederick, MD for the 7th running of the Catoctin 50k. After the typical yada, yada, yawn pre race briefing the runners left the Gambrill High Knob area at 8:00 AM and made their way to the Catoctin Trail head. The first to reach the blue trail, even after missing one of the first turns on the course, was James Varner and then "Harpers Ferry" Harry Bruell. Varner and Bruell traded places a few times before reaching the first aid station at Hamburg Rd. Bruell was the first in and out of Hamburg and then first out of Delauter Rd., the second aid station.

Shortly after Delauter Rd. Greg "Loomdog" Loomis caught Bruell. Bruell, unable to keep up with Loomis, was forced to drop back. Loomis negotiated the stream crossing just before the turn around point at the Manor area but missed the ribbons to the aid station and continued up Bob's Hill. Catoctin is known for throwing runners off course and the Loomis found this out first hand. After a 20 minute detour Loomis was spotted at the Manor aid station mentioning a hill that no one at the aid station knew anything about.

Meanwhile Bruell took back the lead with Derrick "D" Carr close on his heels. Carr caught Bruell right before Rick's overlook and the two then traded places for the lead until shortly before Delauter Rd. Bruell took over the lead and never saw Carr again entering the last two aid stations in first place. Fearing that Carr and Loomis, both strong runners might catch up with him at any moment, Bruell shifted into four wheel over drive and attacked the course with reckless abandon. Not knowing that he had a substantial lead he charged the very hills (that later would reduce other runners to tears) with a purpose. He crossed the finish line with a smile on his face and a strong desire to sit down and contemplate his first ultra win.

In the woman's race it was Sue Johnston of Vermont who was victorious after running a very smart and patient race. Running a conservative pace on the outbound leg Johnston increased her position in the overall standings as she picked her way through field. The only obstacle slowing her down on the return trip was yielding the trail to a Timber rattlesnake.

The finish line is often interesting and informative. Some of my favorite comments where... "Hey, did you see that rattlesnake?"; "I must be an alien abductee 'cause I just spent an hour and a half longer on this course than I ever have before and I'm not sure where I've been."; "I didn't know I could puke in such vivid colors"; "So, how many miles did you run today?" ...aaahhh the Catoctin...

This years very unofficial and realitively unknown "who got beat up the most but still smiling" award goes to Sue Baehre. Sue had blood dripping from every limb of her body and could have been the pin up girl for Band-Aid if she tried to cover all her scratches, cuts and bruises. In spite of her conditions she was more than willing to pose for pictures.

The traditional post race BBQ was once again a success. Thirst and appetites were big and second to the size of each story told with each passing plate of food.

On a day that saw the finishing times off by as much as 90 minutes and only 27% of the field breaking 7 hours it was a true statement of persistence to all the dedicated ultrarunners who participated. The 2001 edition will go down in the Catoctin record book as the slowest and most difficult. Everyone has undisputed bragging rights according to the unabridged version of "Ultrarunning Lore, Legend, Rules, Regulations & Other Mistakes… fact or fiction (probably fiction)" reference manual.

Next year we'll be meeting at the same place (Gambrill State Park) at the same time (8:00) on Saturday August 10. Applications will be available on line on June 1, 2002.

Place First Last Time   Age Town St
1 Harry Bruell 5:09:00   32 Harpers Ferry WV
2 Derrick Carr 5:24:57   40 Fredericksburg VA
3 Andy Nazworth 5:40:24   37 Mt. Airy MD
4 Davide Barbon 5:50:05   31 Chambersburg PA
5 Jeffrey Janus 5:53:59   45 Frederick MD
6 Sue Johnston 6:04:29 F 35 Waterford VT
  Greg Loomis 6:04:29   27 Charlottesville VA
8 Greg Nelson 6:12:22   41 Olney MD
9 John Cowger 6:12:57   36 Columbia MD
10 Tim Stanley 6:19:35   45 Herndon VA
11 John F. Price Jr. 6:19:36   30 Alexandria VA
12 Ed Ayres 6:27:18   59 Manassas VA
13 Dave Lieb 6:28:52   41 Middletown MD
14 Amy Bloom 6:39:38 F 27 Oakton VA
  Steve Wells 6:39:38     Fairfax VA
16 Phil O'Connell 6:49:02   42 Hagerstown MD
  Tom Green 6:49:02   50 Columbia MD
18 Rick Hassett 6:50:57   51 Frederick MD
19 Wesley Fennemore 6:51:38   38 Boston MA
20 John Dodds 6:51:49   50 Arlington VA
21 Susan Baehre 6:53:30 F 42 Triangle VA
22 Anthony Welch 6:55:15   37 Middletown MD
23 Anton Struntz 7:02:20   46 Frederick MD
24 Gary Knipling 7:05:03   57 Mason Neck VA
  Keith Knipling 7:05:03   25 Blacksburg VA
26 Tim Foley 7:05:52     Washington DC
27 Hamilton Tyler 7:06:03   37 Millersville MD
28 James Varner 7:07:05   23 Baltimore MD
29 Bill Turrentine 7:08:52   52 Centerville VA
30 Danny McDonnell 7:13:17   43 Fallston MD
31 Nelson Streitoff 7:16:07   50 Columbia MD
32 Jaret Seiberg 7:18:40   32 Silver Spring MD
33 Gary Richwine 7:19:24   52 Owings Mills MD
34 David Gaudette 7:21:07   43 Germantown MD
35 Quatro Hubbard 7:21:59   41 Richmond VA
36 John Schropp 7:23:01   31 Baltimore MD
37 Andy Keegan 7:23:17   44 Birdsboro PA
38 Ed Schultze 7:24:23   47 Gaithersburg MD
39 Bob Coyne 7:24:25   54 Silver Spring MD
40 Kazuhiro Takashima 7:27:27   30 College Park MD
41 Lisa Moslow 7:27:40 F 29 Richmond VA
  William Moslow 7:27:40   38 Richmond VA
43 Jonathan Houghton 7:32:01   31 Baltimore MD
44 Mariano Hernandez 7:32:04   39 Virginia Beach VA
45 Kerry Owens 7:34:20 F 38 Washington DC
46 Jim Treece 7:35:54   32 Frederick MD
47 Jeff Reed 7:38:19   41 Centerville VA
48 Ellen Bentz 7:41:57 F 32 Washington DC
49 M. Robert Saraniero 7:46:43   27 Arlington VA
  Michael Flynn 7:46:43   38 Centreville VA
51 Randy Gesell 7:47:43   46 Myersville MD
52 Glen Brake 7:49:14   53 Mt. Airy MD
53 Wayne Lapham 7:50:44   54 Herndon VA
54 Tommy Trask 7:51:43   55 Lansdowne VA
55 Jeanne Christe 7:54:47 F 43 Clinton MD
56 David Weaver 7:54:59   39 Spring Grove PA
57 Rhonda Venable 8:07:55 F 40 Hampton VA
  Steve Amarillo 8:07:55   39 Newport News VA
59 John Sondermann 8:08:44   48 Stafford VA
60 Tom Corris 8:11:53   48 Lake Ridge VA
61 Gena Bonini 8:12:04 F 38 Arlington VA
62 Bill Koppenheffer 8:12:23   48 Enola PA
63 Chris Rivera 8:12:26   29 Washington DC
64 Michele Witte 8:14:55 F 23 Gaithersburg MD
  Tom Witte 8:14:55   43 Gaithersburg MD
66 Graham Zollman 8:15:53     Lexington VA
  Mary Kashurba 8:15:53 F 45 Somerset PA
68 Brian Harper 8:20:37   35 Jacksonville FL
69 Suzzanne Weightman 8:24:40 F 37 Greensburg PA
70 Donny Keller 8:24:42   43 Latrobe PA
71 Mel Quecan 8:25:55   62 Columbia MD
72 Wyatte DeLoache 8:34:25   48 Mt. Airy MD
73 Loren Little 8:38:30 F 37 Chester Gap VA
73 Mike Smith 8:38:30   44 Bealeton VA
75 Kenneth Hawes 8:39:08   44 Washington DC
76 Anstr Davidson 8:41:09   56 Arlington VA
  Jim Cavanaugh 8:41:09   59 Arlington VA
  Pam Gowen 8:41:09 F 49 Keymar MD
  Phil Hesser 8:41:09   50 Rockville MD
80 Elizabeth Hanners 8:42:55 F 46 Richmond VA
81 Bill Wandel 8:45:10   58 Severn MD
82 Jeanne-Marie Thomas 8:45:37 F 48 Reston VA
83 Paul Link 8:45:54   44 Amissville VA
84 David Mastran 8:46:10   31 Great Falls VA
  Steve Platt 8:46:10   31 Great Falls VA
86 Bill Schrlau 8:49:00   32 Cherry Hill NJ
87 Dionisio deLeon III 8:51:25   50 Lake Ridge VA
88 Karl Knipling 8:53:05   31 Charlottesville VA
89 Patricia Weaver 8:55:17 F 37 Spring Grove PA
  Keith Dunn 8:55:17   41 Arlington VA
105 Starters