1999 Catoctin 50k Trail Run Results

After a two year absence the 4th running of the Catoctin 50k trail run was held on Saturday March 13, 1999 under sunny skies with temps reaching a high of 44F. The rocky, slippery course was covered with 4 inches of snow making the out and back two races in one. The out bound was fun and fast on fresh ice crusted snow. The in bound was slow and sloppy on soft mushy snow screaming to pull a groin muscle or two.

Runners started at 8:05 ran 25 yards and took a right rather than a left turn, which pretty much summed up the rest of the race. Most runners agreed that they went off course at least once and sometimes as many as four times. Total mileage ranged anywhere from 31 miles to 36 miles.

To add insult to injury the turn around point had the runners crossing a stream by either hopping from rock to rock or wading through knee to waist high water. Once on the other side the runners had their numbers punched with an orienteering punch then turned around, crossed the stream, and faced a slippery climb up a hill that took any where from 25 to 45 minutes. To the delight of race management the stream crossing was extremely entertaining but sad to say there was only one full body immersion.

The race was a duel right down to the last few seconds. "Virginia Happy Trails Running Club president for life", Joe Clapper took first place who, in true gentleman fashion, offered to run in with second place finisher Debbie "speed" Berner. Debbie not knowing that she was in second place declined only to realize after crossing the finish line that she had a chance of winning said she wouldn't have let Joe off so easy. Third place finisher was USATF good guy Dan Brannen who, even with an injury and arriving only moments before the start, ran a very strong race.

1 Clapper Joe M 40 6:00:00 Vienna VA
2 Berner Debbie F 32 6:00:23 Mohnton PA
3 Brannen Dan M 45 6:00:42 Morristown NJ
4 Weitzel John M 47 6:41:05 Reading PA
5 Smith Harry M 50 6:49:43 Manheim PA
6 Welch Anthony M 34 6:55:42 Frederick MD
7 Padden Andresa F 35 6:56:02 Arlington VA
8 LaDieu Bill M 49 6:56:25 Harrisburg PA
9 Keegan Andy M 42 7:03:42 Birdsboro PA
10 Coleman Henry M 42 7:15:10 Lorton VA
11 Stritehoff Nelson M 47 7:17:40 Columbia MD
12 Bruner Gary M 46 7:17:57 Chambersburg PA
13 Malone Sue F 41 7:24:40 Mercersburg PA
14 Meyer Albert M 53 7:29:43 New Milford CT
15 Fugate Dennis M 47 7:30:30 Ellicott City MD
16 Bright Mike M 48 7:37:46 Gambrills MD
17 Christie Jeanne F 41 7:45:27 Washington DC
18 Belleman Melissa F 30 7:45:27 Springfield VA
19 Allison Roger M 58 7:49:10 Kearneysville WV
20 McLane Roy M 43 7:49:25 Monrovia MD
21 Encarnacion Paul M 38 7:49:25 Gaithersburg MD
22 Wandel Bill M 55 7:49:50 Severn MD
23 Dehof Larry M 49 7:55:36 Clinton MD
24 Tuthill Chip M 46 7:56:00 E. Haven CT
25 Piper Bill M 53 7:58:04 Lehighton PA
26 Knipling Gary M 55 7:59:35 Mason Neck VA
27 Davidson Anstr M 53 7:59:35 Arlington VA
28 VanAntwerp Bill M 53 8:03:55 Herndon VA
29 Hamilton Rick M 49 8:04:30 Boonsboro MD
30 Hamilton Jamie M 22 8:04:30 Boonsboro MD
31 Quecan Mel M 59 8:05:15 Columbia MD
32 Smith Nowell M 50 8:06:59 York PA
33 Reed Jeff M 39 8:10:42 Arlington VA
34 Anderson Phil M 53 8:37:10 Bel Air MD
35 Gulliver Art M 60 8:39:00 Leominster MA
36 Grayson Dan M 50 8:50:35 Stafford VA
37 Schlundt Margret F 46 8:50:35 Millersville MD
38 Gernand Carolyn F 50 9:26:00 Alexandria VA
39 Duobinis Stanley M 48 9:26:00 Millersville MD
51 starters

Last Updated on 3/16/99